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Teresa Miller/Freestyle Creativity provides coaching and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs. (Hint: if you’re a living, breathing human, you are creative.) This page will answer some general and specific FAQs. As always, if you have any questions NOT covered here, feel free to use the Contact Form to reach out to us.


Q: What is a coach?

A coach is a helper or guide. The main role of a coach is to help their client get from where they currently are to where they want to be. They do not give you answers but instead give you the tools you need to find your own answers. Think of a coach as someone who shines their guiding light on your path.

Q: What is creativity, and why do you say that creativity is the key to everything?

Creativity is a way of seeing and being. Expression of creativity can come in many forms: art, writing, invention, or just living life with gusto. We all create something every day. Choosing to create consciously is the key to answering the call of our soul to live aligned with who we are, and that is what leads to a fulfilled life.


Q: What is a creativity coach?

Creativity coaches are as variable as all humans are. There are coaches who work only with performing artists. My specialty at Freestyle Creativity is entrepreneurs. I help you get unstuck and to express your genius in your business and in your life. Because as an entrepreneur, your life and business are very closely linked.

Q: When do I need a creativity coach?

When you know that you are meant for SOMETHING, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, or when your soul is calling you to do something new and big and exciting, but you can’t get out of your own way to let it happen for you, you may benefit from a creativity coach. On the other hand, if you are completely on track with your next evolution, but you are stuck on just a single idea or problem, a creativity coach can be the person who asks you the right questions, in the right way and gets you moving again.


Journaling is an integral part of Freestyle Creativity Coaching and may be used in-session or between sessions for self discovery.

Writing experience is not required for this, only a desire to explore your creativity through inner reflection. Here are some commonly asked questions about journaling and journal coaching.

Q: What is transformational journaling?

Journaling serves as a self-coaching conversation with your inner self that helps you develop the practice of listening to your own voice, thoughts, and ideas. It’s also a story-telling practice that gives you the tools to write the story however you want.

Q: What is journal coaching?

A journal coach is a guide who invites you to explore your own thoughts and ideas through focused, reflective, or expressive journaling prompts and exercises.

As a journal coach, I believe that you have the answers you seek within yourself, and journaling will help you access those answers. In addition, it can serve as a catalyst to deeper coach-client explorations and discussions and provide quantum shifts in insight and inspiration.

Q: How does journaling fit into creativity coaching or business coaching?

I have found that when my clients journal, they are able to access information from within themselves that helps them to experience greater creative fulfillment. They are also able to identify and achieve business goals more readily and easily.

Q: I feel hesitant about writing my inner thoughts. Will I have to share everything I write?

Not at all! I will ask you what comes up during a given exercise, but you only need to share your actual writing if you choose to do so. Your writing is yours alone to do with as you wish.

Q: Do I have to stick with the prompts that are given?

Not necessarily. Most prompts are meant to be reflection and contemplation points. Often, they will lead you in another direction entirely. When that happens, follow your inner compass, not an external directive!

And if you show up for a session with something specific in mind that you would like to journal on, then of course we will go with that.

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