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{I had the privilege of working with Teresa Miller, an extraordinary creativity coach who unraveled the mysteries of my human design chart and illuminated a transformative path. In our session Teresa seamlessly blended intuition with a profound understanding of my chart, offering magical insights that celebrated every aspect of my personality. As a midlife woman entrepreneur, I longed for creative fulfillment beyond family and life-building roles. Teresa understood this yearning and provided not just a business strategy that was fabulous but a roadmap to a more satisfying life. Her phenomenal session gave me a newfound understanding of my magic, genius, purpose, and superpower. For midlife women entrepreneurs seeking a wake-up call to make their dreams come true, I highly recommend Teresa Miller. Her intuitive prowess and spot-on readings make her an invaluable guide on the journey to creative self-discovery.
Conde Bartlett
Modern Mystic, Intuitive Healer, and Channel for the Collective
{Thank you so much for the human design chart reading, Teresa! I got so far as to have a chart printed out and do a little training on how to read them in general, but I didn't really know how my chart applied to ME. After your reading I was blown away by how accurate everything is to my own life right now and the big changes I'm making in my career. This just confirms to me that things are aligning as they should and my decision to just leap without a net was a smart one. Thank you, again! So much appreciated.  
Angela Wills
Online Business Course Creator and Coach
{I have wanted to run my parents' charts for years but with them both being born in the 1940s, I despaired of getting the correct birth time. Teresa used her gift to give me the birthtime information I needed. The process was very simple but, for me, very profound. Thanks Teresa! 
MK Piatkowski
{Yes! Teresa Miller's Business Card Book Masterclass is perfection in action and helped me craft my book from my "assets", as she put it, from content I already have that clearly tells people who I am in my authentic voice. She helped me pull the puzzle pieces together and find the glue. Frankly, she must charge ten times the tuition... for what Teresa gives is priceless. 
Donna Blevins, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Coach
{I purchased Teresa’s book formatting course and am so glad that I did.  The two words that come to mind are:  Impressive and Thorough. It is obvious the amount of work that she put into the training and it is a bargain value at the price I paid.  Well done  -  I know this will be very valuable to me for my self-publishing business. Thanks!
Stan Allen
{When I signed up for The Freestyle Business Card Book, I only knew that I wanted to write a book. I had no idea how to make that happen.  Enter Teresa Miller and her Freestyle workshop where I learned about the components of a book and how to create an effective outline — a vital step to turning my big concept into an honest-to-goodness book.  The building block approach of the course was easy to follow, and the brainstorming sessions elevated the material to the next level.  I heartily recommend The Freestyle Business Card Book workshop to anyone who’s ready to stop thinking about writing their book and finally getting it done. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself and your business.   
Debbra Lupien
Author, Spiritual Teacher